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eValid -- Rich Internet Application Monitoring Service -- How It Works
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Here is how eValid Rich Internet Application (RIA) monitoring works.

  1. Service Level
    With eValid Rich Internet Application (RIA) monitoring you can choose how often you want your test to run, depending on what kinds of problems you are attempting to detect. The available choices are: 5 minute, 6 minute, 15 minute, or 60 minute intervals.

  2. Create and Confirm Test Script
    All eValid RIA monitoring activity arises from execution of an eValid test script playback from our monitoring machines. This can be a script that we create for you (based on your description), it can be a script you create specifically for the purpose, or it can be a script taken from your eValid-based web application regression test suite.

    Here are some of the features of your script that you need to think about:

  3. Commit Script To Service
    After we get your OK, it usually takes only one business day to set up your script and begin delivering results.

  4. Results Delivery
    We will send you your personal account name and password. You can log onto the eValid Monitoring Reporting 24/7 server to see the results of every test being run.

    On that machine you can see the following reports (and much more):

    In addition to that information there is an eValid playback event log that is maintained for a fixed period in case you need to study the details of how each test performed.