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eValid -- License Comparison Page for DEMO and EVAL Keys
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This table shows the how eValid EVAL and DEMO license keys differ. The features that are available are shown with an "X". The table is arranged in a logical order that groups common features together.

License Type Matrix

Commands / Functionality DEMOEVAL Limitations
General Features
Wizards XX Static Linkcheck Wizard Only
Modal Dialog Commands XX  
Extrinsic Commands XX  
Clipboard Commands XX  
BATCH Mode Playback  X 
EPI Operation  X 
Validation Capability
Validate Document URL X X  
Validate Document Title X X  
Validate Document Elements X X  
Validate Document Byte Size X X  
Validate Document Last Modified Date X X  
Validate Document Checksum X X  
Validate Selected Text X X  
Validate Selected Image XX  
Validate Table Cell X X  
Validate All Images X X  
Validate All Applets X X  
Validate All Element IDs X X  
Validate & Save Selected Image   X  
Validate & Save Selected Text   X  
Validate & Save Screen Rectangle  X  
Validate & Save Windows Face   X  
Validate & Save Window  X  
Validate & Synchronize Screen Rectangle  X  
Validate and Synchronize Text String  X  
Validate Clipboard Text  X  
Information Save Capbility
Save Selected Image  X  
Save Selected Text  X  
Save Screen Rectangle  X  
Save Windows Face  X  
Save Window  X  
Set Alarm  X  
Advanced Recording Functions  X  
LoadTest Feature  X  
Site Analysis Feature  X  
Detailed Logging  X  
Playback Status Notification  X  
Subwindow Recording  X  
Multiple Playbacks  X  
Script File Save & Load  X  
Controlled Playback  X  
Script File Editable  X  
eVGenerate  X  
Capacity Limits
Wait Commands XX Up to 30,000 ms.
Error Reporting XX Only 5 Errors reported per run
Dynamic Simple Linkcheck Wizard    Revenue Key Only
Dynamic Advanced Linkcheck Wizard    Revenue Key Only
Site Analysis Number of Links Limit  X 500
Site Analysis Number of URLs Limit  X 100
Site Analysis Reports  X20
DataSynthesis Command  X10 Runs
LoadTest Feature  X10 Users
Site Analysis Batch Mode Commands   Revenue Key Only
Email Alarms   Revenue Key Only

Evaluation License Limitations