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eValid -- Flash Applications Record/Play Cookbook
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This page is a cookbook for recording Flash applications with eValid. It describes the common problems with Flash applications and it describes a protocol for recording scripts that guarantees producing scripts that play back very reliably.

Flash objects are generally opaque to eValid, so normal recording methods are not always effective. Perhaps more important -- and more complicating -- Flash objects can take actions within themselves that require varying amounts of time to complete. When they do this they don't provide any completion signals for eValid to use to synchronize playback. In most cases you will need to record absolute clicks (F11 toggles this mode on and off) and you will need to synchronize on screen images (Ctrl-Q to set up this dialog).

General Rules & Protocol
Here are the basic rules that will insure reliable recording and playback of Flash objects. Keep these in mind throughout the recording process.

Specific Rules & Advice
Here are some specific rules and advice about creating reliable playback recordings of Flash objects in terms of specific kinds of activities or visual elements on the Flash applications.